Scotchgard Protector is a global leader in protective treatments. Our Helix safety boots are treated with Scotchgard, which means that the fabric is resistant to oil and water. The Scotchgard-molecules reduce the surface tension of the treated substance. As a result, the surface repels water and dirt. The processed fabric remains soft and breathable and lasts the entire life of the safety boots.

Safety Category
  • Longreach Black Boa

    Helix safety work boots are created for the toughest jobs. Not only are these boots stylish, they also provide an excellent shock absorption thanks to the advanced cushioning system. Safety boots from the Helix collection protect your feet in hazardous environments and offer the highest standard of comfort. The Longearch Black Boa is extremely lightweight and built to last. Click here if you want to know more about the BOA® Fit System.

  • Longreach Black Zip

    The Helix safety work boots provide the best possible comfort because of the advanced cushioning system. Your feet are safe and protected throughout the entire workday. The Longreach Black Zip excels when used in agriculture, construction, heavy industry, mining and chemical environments. Not only do the Helix safety work boots guard your feet, they also are lightweight and extremely durable as well. The best safety boots for the toughest jobs.

  • Longreach Wheat Zip

    The Helix safety work boots are built to last. The advanced cushioning system provides the best possible comfort during long workdays. The Helix safety work boots will provide excellent protection of your feet in hazardous environments.. The outsole of these reliable boots can withstand extreme heat and is fuel and oil resistant. The Longreach Wheat Zip is not only extremely durable but lightweight as well. Your feet stay protected and energized the entire day.

  • Ranger Wheat Boa

    The Helix safety work boots are durable, lightweight, stylish and provide the highest standard of comfort in the toughest of working conditions. The advanced cushioning system provides the best possible shock absorption. The Ranger Wheat Boa excels when used in the chemical, agriculture, heavy industry, mining and construction environments. Click here if you want to know more about the BOA® Fit System.

A large part of our safety shoes are developed and produced in Best in Noord-Brabant. Our investments in robotics, Research & Development and advanced technologies are bearing fruit. Founded in the Czech Republic in 1894, Bata was one of the first manufacturers to sell its products all over the world.