Mid cut

Safety Category
  • Ada

    Mid-cut protection in stylish leather. Do you need ankle protection and support? Then the ankle-high ADA is ideal for you. Made in stylish, strong leather. And with a penetration-resistant insert of FlexGuard® composite, so that sharp objects cannot penetrate the shoe from below.

  • Anchor

    Mammoet is known for doing extreme jobs under extreme conditions and helps clients improve construction efficiency and optimize the uptime of plants and installations. For that purpose, Mammoet offers solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures in the petrochemical, offshore, power, and civil industries. The Mammoet collection consists of 4 durable models. A mid cut range laced or zipped called the Mammoet Anchor and Which. A high cut range called the Mammoet Bolster. And last but not least the tough Barge pull up boot.


    Brisk is a black mid cut S3 safety shoe from the SportMates® collection. It sets the standard in safety, breathability, lightness and design, perfect for professionals on the go. A soft cushioned EVA midsole provides a high level impact absorption. This, in combination with a Latex foam footbed, breathable mesh and lightweight upper, creates an optimal climate inside the shoe for day long comfort. A non-stitched upper minimizes the possibility of breakage, by illuminating sensible stitching parts. Although light, flexible and comfortable all day long, SportMates® provide the best possible protection with composite toe caps and durable rubber outsoles with SRC slip resistance.

  • LAX

    The combination of this traditional colored nubuck upper with a new technical Eagle sole make this the perfect outdoor, metal free safety shoe. With a composite toecap and FlexGuard composite perforation resistant insert you can easily enter a surrounding where metal object are unwanted, and it helps to isolate the cold in low temperatures.


    The PU coated microfiber upper makes this S3 safety shoe easy to keep clean and fresh. It looks like a traditional nubuck shoe but with all the advantages of a high tech, flexible, lightweight and abrasion resistant upper. Combined with the trustworthy PU/PU Eagle soles which features our Flexline and Tunnelsystem for an optimal safety experience.


    This mid cut Eagle S3 safety shoe is developed with the uniformed professional in mind, working in an environment where metal free shoes provide the upper hand since you can pass through metal detection gates more swiftly. Built to be worn inside and outside with a strong performance in wet surroundings. The 100% waterproof membrane keep your feet dry and healthy. The Flexguard perforation resistant insert prevent sharp object from harming the foot.


    This basic mid-cut model from STUR is made from pull up leather and has all the features of a serious heavy duty safety shoe: extreme grip, durability and lots of comfort. These properties, together with the improved stability, make this an all-season model, ideal for heavy duty outdoor work.


    This mid-cut safety shoe made of microfiber is designed for cold weather conditions. The outsole has an extra certification, CI (cold insulating) that keeps the foot warm. With the integrated BOA® Fit System, the shoe always fits perfectly around the foot, providing extra comfort. The ideal combination of extreme grip, durability and comfort.


    Extreme conditions call for high-level safety. This mid-cut model made of microfiber and ballistic nylon is designed to perform optimally in hazardous environments with sharp objects. The impenetrable FlexGuard® composite insert in the sole and the extra strong ballistic nylon offer perfect protection.


    Comfort, durability and safety are combined with the highest level of protection. This full grain leather mid-cut model has a quick release closure for quick on and off actions. The heat-resistant stitching is flame-retardant, which means that this mid-cut model offers the perfect protection to welders, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Winch

    Mammoet’s newest safety footwear range has been tested by our own professionals and approved with respect to their quality, comfort, safety, and functionality. The complete shoe collection is designed to meet the highest expectations of professionals who work in the most challenging environments and under the most extreme conditions, such as (heavy) industry, power generation, petrochemical and offshore locations. For their new footwear collection Mammoet wanted to work with Bata Industrials, because both companies have a clear shared goal: to give professionals the best safety there is. Both companies have a long history as global leader in their field, both our headquarters are located in the Netherlands and both get maximum value from their global footprint. All the more the reason to join forces.


    SUMM+ ONE is a S3 and ESD certified mid cut safety shoe made from strong and flexible technical nylon. Featuring an aluminum toecap and FlexGuard® composite penetration resistant insert for ultimate protection. The breathable mesh lining and Odor Control keep feet feeling fresh, all day long. For maximum grip, the TPU-outsole provides the highest level of SRC slip resistance. A closer look reveals the technology: the increased profile surface of the PU/TPU-sole offers optimal slip resistance and the angled heel provides high stability on the job while giving the shoe a sporty look. The Premium Fit inlay sole offers great comfort, shock absorption and stability. It’s the SUMM of all you need in a safety shoe.


    SUMM+ FIVE is a mid cut S3 ESD certified safety shoe with BOA® Fit System for a fast, effortless and precision fit. The upper is made from high quality full grain leather and textile. SUMM+ FIVE features a lightweight aluminum toecap and FlexGuard® composite penetration resistant insert for ultimate protection. The Premium Fit inlay sole combined with a PU/TPU-sole delivers great comfort and stability. The TPU-outsole is SRC certified and gives you excellent grip. A closer look at the sole reveals the technology: the increased profile surface offers optimal slip resistance and the angled heel provides high stability while giving the shoe a sporty look. The breathable mesh lining and Odor Control keep feet feeling fresh. It’s the SUMM of all you need in a safety shoe.

A large part of our safety shoes are developed and produced in Best in Noord-Brabant. Our investments in robotics, Research & Development and advanced technologies are bearing fruit. Founded in the Czech Republic in 1894, Bata was one of the first manufacturers to sell its products all over the world.