It has always been in our nature to innovate. Making shoes for workers has us continuously thinking; how do we make them safer, reduce weight, make them faster, make them more comfortable to wear and how to help retain energy. Our goal has always been to make the best, most comfortable safety footwear.

Improving working lives

We are exploring new grounds at every step. A considered shoe leads to a better one. We want to be at the forefront of a safer world, help workers achieve their dreams and remain focused, fit and energized while working. Let us help improve your working life.

Automotive safety shoes
Bata Industrials food industry safety shoes

Safety for every working human being

As an international company dedicated to the future needs of workers we invested in research, supply chains, quality European manufacturing and innovating new products around the world. We believe that safety for every working human being should be accessible, to the highest standard, even in extreme conditions. Safety should not be optional in any work environment.

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