The Radiance collection

Safety shoes no longer have to be boring! The Radiance collection is designed with an eye for style and a mind for safety. With its sporty look and wide range of features to deliver maximum protection and all-day comfort, each shoe model is a perfect blend of design, safety and comfort. The trendy Radiance footwear collection is made of lightweight, breathable fabrics. To provide perfect grip, the shoes come with a robust Vibram® outsole. Each shoe model is EN ISO 20345:2011 certified and features a composite protective toecap, as well as a non-metal anti-penetration insert.

Vibram outsole

The Vibram® outsole is best known for its performance in terms of SRC slip resistance. Vibram® is the world’s leading specialist in outsoles for a variety of footwear. The Italian company is named after its founder, Vitale Bramani. Bramani invented the first rubber lug shoe soles. A lug sole is a thick rubber sole with deep indentations, which improves stability and traction. These soles were first used on mountaineering boots, replacing leather soles fitted with hobnails. Our safety shoes are fitted with a Vibram® outsole to ensure maximum stability, grip and comfort, and at the same time channel more energy into each step.

But what if protection and style are equally important to you? The Radiance collection got you covered! At first glance the shoe looks like an ordinary, subtle coloured sneaker. But a look inside reveals the most advanced technology for maximum comfort. Take a closer look and you will find even more special features, such as a lightweight EVA midsole with 3B-Motion technology: Bata’s Boosting Base. This technology gives your feet an enormous power boost with every step you take. All this, in combination with a footbed made from hi-elastic EVA, maximizes the level of comfort and energy return.

3B-Motion: Bata’s boosting base

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Safety shoes should not only protect your feet but feel comfortable too. In fact, comfort improves safety! When you spend long hours on your feet, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the best comfort all day long. To give your feet the highest level of comfort, the Radiance collection features a special lightweight EVA midsole, using our own developed 3B-Motion technology: Boosting Base.

The special molecular EVA structure is arranged in such a way that very little energy is lost upon ground impact. The use of specially formulated EVA material with high cushioning and elastic properties increases the level of comfort even further. What’s more, you will get a real power BOOST when you are walking and, as a result, you will feel more energized. As a global leader in safety shoes, Bata Industrials has carefully adapted the highly boosting properties of EVA in the midsole. EVA is a common cushioning material in modern sports shoes, but the movements you make while work are different from when you are jogging; you lift, turn, kneel, bend and so on. It is therefore essential to get maximum feet and knee support.

Unique cushioning footbed

Besides the Boosting Base, our Radiance collection provides the ultimate cushioning for all day comfort. The footbed is made of hi-elastic EVA material, well known for its safety, extremely light weight, breathability and maximum shock absorption. This unique cushioning footbed is designed to significantly increase the energy return. The footbed, together with the special lightweight EVA midsole, will make you feel like you are walking on a cloud.

The feeling after working on your feet all day is what makes these shoes so unique: your feet still feel comfortable and you have plenty of energy left! The collection for Europe consists of 2 models, a low cut in four designs(S1P and S3), a high cut in one design (S3).

A large part of our safety shoes are developed and produced in Best in Noord-Brabant. Our investments in robotics, Research & Development and advanced technologies are bearing fruit. Founded in the Czech Republic in 1894, Bata was one of the first manufacturers to sell its products all over the world.