Bata Industrials steps into fashion with work shoes


10 Maart 2022

Bata Industrials steps into fashion with work shoes

Bata Industrials brings DB collection to the market together with fashion entrepreneur Dyanne Beekman

Bata Industrials is launching the DB collection of work shoes in collaboration with Beekman Group. This fashion collection consists of stylishly safety sneakers designed by top designer Dyanne Beekman (DB). For Bata Industrials, the brand-new collaboration is a logical step: more and more hard workers are seeing their work sneakers as a fashion item. They think it’s important to look good on the shop floor.

Bata Industrials is a global player in the field of safety footwear. The collaboration with Beekman Group offers new opportunities for both worldwide. Safety is always top priority, but distinctive design is becoming increasingly important, especially internationally. The fruitful collaboration between two Dutch companies has led to the beautiful DB collection. Fashion entrepreneur Dyanne Beekman will from now on also advise on shoes from the Bata assortment: this collection is called Selected by Dyanne.

DB Collection

The first series of the DB collection consists of three work sneakers in Black, White and Black and White. Each of them are eye-catchers under any business outfit. The trendy DB.01 sneaker is feather light and offers excellent support and comfort for good stability. It has high-quality grip and slip resistance, even above the European safety standard. The sneaker is antibacterial and washable for maximum hygiene. It is available for women and men, size 35 / 48.

The three models do not have a safety toe cap and are particularly suitable for workers in hospitals, the hospitality industry and the cleaning and hairdressing industries. Here there are no mechanical risks due to bumps or pressure. With these safety shoes, the emphasis is mainly on light weight, excellent grip and fit. Soon there will also be a work sneaker with safety nose in the DB collection. The DB.02.

Collaboration between Bata Industrials and Beekman Group

Martijn Mathot, Managing Director of Bata Industrials: ‘The collaboration with Beekman is inspiring. Dyanne breathes fashion and has been looking at the wearer as an individual for years. We’re right in the middle of that movement. Whereas we used to develop our shoes primarily on the basis of the production facilities and techniques, we now look very intensively at the wearer of the shoe. We always say: safety first, but nowadays comfort and design follow in the same breath. The days when the safety shoe was only black and made of leather are far behind us.’

The Beekman Group specializes in fashionable workwear. Dyanne Beekman is proud of the new DB collection. ‘Never lose sight of the personality of the individual. If the person radiates on the shop floor, the corporate identity is strengthened. In hospitality, health care or catering you are often on your feet for 8 hours at a time and that is unbearable without appropriate footwear. Often out of vanity, people choose style over functionality. We believe that these two things can be combined very well. Our sneakers have to be fashionable, run wonderfully, be easy to clean and have excellent slip resistance.’


The DB collection of safety sneakers is available in the Netherlands at, the BataSuperstore in Best, and Outside the Netherlands the collection can also be sold by distributors of Bata Industrials.

A large part of our safety shoes are developed and produced in Best in Noord-Brabant. Our investments in robotics, Research & Development and advanced technologies are bearing fruit. Founded in the Czech Republic in 1894, Bata was one of the first manufacturers to sell its products all over the world.