Sometimes you simply need more. That’s where our PWR range comes in. Heavy working conditions ask for solid shoes that provide optimum grip. The PWR range is designed to perfectly deal with rough ground such as gritty, concrete, and muddy surfaces. The rubber outsole has a wider and deeper profile and is resistant to heat up to 300˚C. Although it’s designed to be tough, the PWR range is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and keep you energized all day.

This low cut model of the Walkline® collection is in the S3 safety category. This means the PWR308 has a steel toecap, a steel anti-penetration insert and is antistatic. The upper of the shoe is made of full-grain leather, while the lining of the shoe is made of textile. The PU-rubber outsole of the shoe makes this shoe resistant to extreme heat.

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About PWR Safety Shoes

PWR safety shoes feature the rubber TriTech Plus® sole. This sole provides optimal cushioning, grip and stability and is heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius. The perfect sole for heavy duty work environments like construction.