Safety shoes with leather lining inside the shoe.

Safety Category
  • Stanford 4 ESD

    This black fullgrain leather low cut classic model is S3. This Metal Free safety shoe features the Flexguard midsole which protects the feet from sharp objects penetrating the bottom of the sole. The safety shoe features ESD which prevents harmful electrostatic discharge. The upper is water resistant.

  • Saxa ESD

    The Saxa ESD is a S2 safety category shoe in a low cut model. The Bata Cool comfort® lining ensures a soft, dry and fresh feel. This ESD safety shoe prevents harmful electrostatic discharge. This model is for men and women. The steel toecap protects the feet from heavy falling objects. This safety shoe is resistant to hot and cold temperatures.

A large part of our safety shoes are developed and produced in Best in Noord-Brabant. Our investments in robotics, Research & Development and advanced technologies are bearing fruit. Founded in the Czech Republic in 1894, Bata was one of the first manufacturers to sell its products all over the world.