Safety Category
  • Tigua ESD

    The Tigua ESD is an S1 safety shoe. This low model keeps the feet protected from danger throughout the entire workday. The upper is made from nubuck leather and the sturdy sole from PU/PU.The Tigua ESD excels when used in automotive, electronic, light industry and logistic environments. These strong, durable and lightweight safety shoes keep you energized and will get the job done.

  • Helsinki 3

    Helsinki 3 safety shoes are S1P, ESD certified, SRC and lightweight. These safety shoes are produced in the Netherlands and have PU-PU soles with slip resistance.The PU-PU outsole uses the new ‘Beam and Pillar’ technology, which provides the best support and ensures that the outsole is extremely durable and shock absorbing. Odor Control provides an antibacterial solution which prevents unwanted odours. Forward safety shoes guide the Walkline® of the foot, which results in less fatigue and better energy preservation for the wearer.

  • ACT 151 ESD

    The ACT151 is a S1P safety shoe made in the Netherlands by Bata Industrials. This black safety sandal is ideal for light industry. The Bata Industrials ACT 151 is an ESD safety sandal.

  • Riga

    The Riga safety shoe is antistatic and is resistant against cold and hot temperatures. This low cut grey model is in the S1 safety category. The steel toecap in the Riga protects the feet from heavy falling objects. This safety shoe is a sandal model and has a textile lining which makes the shoe more breathable.

Safety shoes from Bata Industrials are designed to ensure that your feet are safe, feel good and look great.