Metal free safety shoesWalkline® Evo

Turn safety shoes are S1P, ESD certified, SRC and lightweight. These safety shoes are produced in the Netherlands and have PU-PU soles with slip resistance.

The PU-PU outsole uses the new ‘Beam and Pillar’ technology, which provides the best support and ensures that the outsole is extremely durable and shock absorbing. Odor Control provides an antibacterial solution which prevents unwanted odours. Forward safety shoes guide the Walkline® of the foot, which results in less fatigue and better energy preservation for the wearer.

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About Forward Safety Shoes

With our Forward range, you won’t even notice you’re wearing safety shoes. These very comfortable safety shoes guide the Walkline® of the foot, which reduces fatigue and keeps your energy up. The Forward collection is a double density PU line, which is light and has the best possible grip due to the Flexlines and the brand new Flex Grip. Flex Grip combines flexibility, adaptability and supreme grip, far exceeding the SRC standard. Every Forward model is completely metal free and will not react to metal detectors. Our Forward safety shoes are available in 12 light and durable models.Get to know Forward.

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