Safety shoes

Safety Category
  • ACT157

    The ACT157 is a white low safety shoe. This safety shoe is S3, ESD and SRC. These sturdy safety shoes are created in the Netherlands. These ACT157 safety shoes have an upper from light microfiber material, a steel toecap to protect the feet from falling objects and steel penetration resistant insert. Odor Control keeps feet feeling fresh.

  • Sync

    Sync are S1P safety shoes with an SRC sole. These high black safety shoes with blue elements are lightweight with a microfiber upper. These S1P safety shoes have Bata Cool Comfort® Lining, which will help you with temperature and moisture management of the foot. The Sync safety shoes are ESD and have excellent grip (SRC certified).

  • Zip

    Zip is a sportive S1P safety shoe by Bata Industrials. The Zip safety shoes are ideal for Light industry, Logistics, Electric and Automotive. Zip safety shoes have a very flexible outsole made from PU/TPU and are SRC certified for ultimate traction. These low safety shoes are made from high quality materials and offer great protection.

  • Curve

    Curve safety shoes are especially made for women. This sportive ladies safety shoe is S1P, Full Metal Free, has an antislip rubber outsole and is ideal for use in automotive, light industry and logistics. Curve also features an EVA midsole, which provides maximum cushioning when walking.

  • Crypto

    The Crypto safety shoes are S1P certified and offer Cold Insulation, Energy Absorption, a Fuel Oil Resistant Outsole, Heat Insulation and a Penetration Resistant Outsole. These safety shoes have SRC outsoles, which provide excellent traction. Crypto safety shoes have ESD and are ideal for use in the following industries: Automotive, Construction, Electric, Light Industry, and Logistics.

  • Bright 020

    Bright 020 is a full metal free safety sneaker. The Vibram® Outsole offers great grip. Bright 020 safety sneakers are S1P certified and are ideal for use in Automotive, Light Industry, and Logistics.

  • ACT152

    The ACT152 is a S1P safety shoe made in the Netherlands by Bata Industrials. This black safety shoe is ideal for light industry. The Bata Industrials ACT 152 is an ESD low safety shoe.

  • ACT153

    The ACT153 is a S1P safety shoe made in the Netherlands by Bata Industrials. This black safety shoe is ideal for use in the light industry. The Bata Industrials ACT153 is an ESD high cut safety shoe with steel toecap. Odor Control keeps feet feeling fresh.

  • Radar

    Radar safety shoes are ideal for use in Heavy IndustryAgriculture, Chemical, Construction, and Electric work environments. These S3 safety shoes are ESD and SRC. The upper of this safety shoe is made out of high quality Full-grain leather, which is Water Resistant. The outsole of Radar safety shoes is extremely flexible and is made from PU/TPU (injected). Radar safety shoes have a PU outer toecap, Bata Cool Comfort® Lining and  incorporate the latest Walkline® 2.0 technology.

  • Bright 041

    The Bright 041 is a great safety shoe with Vibram® Outsole and the BOA® Fit System. This safety sneaker is entirely metal free (composite penetration resistant outsole and a composite toecap) and has a SRC rubber outsole made by Vibram®. The SRC rubber outsole offers great traction. The Bright 041 is a safety shoe in the S1P safety category. Click here if you want to know more about the BOA® Fit System.

  • Bright 031

    The Bright 031 is entirely metal free (composite penetration resistant outsole and a composite toecap) and has a SRC rubber outsole made by Vibram®. This safety sneaker is ideal for use in Automotive, Light Industry, and Logistics. Bright 031 safety sneakers are S1P and have Bata Cool Comfort® Lining.

  • Bright 021

    The Bright 021 is a Full Metal Free safety sneaker with a rubber Vibram® outsole. Bright safety sneakers have an upper which combines microfiber and mesh. These safety shoes are suitable for men and women.

  • ACT151

    The ACT151 is a S1P safety shoe made in the Netherlands by Bata Industrials. This black safety sandal is ideal for light industry. The Bata Industrials ACT151 is made of microfiber, featuring a dual density PU-sole, steel toecap and FlexGuard® composite penetration resistant insert.

  • ACT144

    The ACT144 is a low model safety shoe made of full grain leather with a leather lining. The ACT144 is a safety shoe in the S3 safety category, has a steel toecap and FlexGuard® composite penetration resistant insert. The outsole of this safety shoe  has a Dual-Density® PU-sole. This safety shoe is resistant to hot and cold temperatures.

  • ACT158

    The ACT158 is a white high safety shoe that is built to last. The lightweight materials and perfect comfort will keep your feet energized throughout the day. The ACT158 has an upper made from microfiber and a PU/PU sole. This safety shoe is S3, ESD and SRC.

  • ACT143

    This safety shoe is ESD and is a S1 safety category model. This means the shoe is antistatic and has a steel toecap. The shoe is resistant to heat and cold temperatures. The outsole of the ACT143 is made of PU-PU material. The shoe has a Bata Cool Comfort® technology, to control the climate in the shoe. The ACT143 is a high cut model, in black and red design.

  • Anti Bug

    The Anti Bug is an anatomically shaped long sock made from cool cotton and cellulose with Cell Solution® Protection fibers. The sock protects feet and lower legs against nasty ticks and mosquito bites and even more importantly against the infectious diseases related to these bites.* Thanks to the antibacterial silver, even unpleasant odors don't stand a chance. The perfect sock for anyone working outdoors.

    • The Anti Bug sock has been tested and approved according to the German army guidelines TL8305-0331.
    • Cell Solution® Protection is a patented technology in which the insecticide permetrin is integrated in the fiber. It paralyzes and kills insects.
    • Suitable to be worn directly onto the skin.
    • Effective up to 100 washes.
    *Wearing Anti Bug socks does not offer a 100% guarantee against ticks and mosquito bites. It remains important to check your body and clothing for ticks after coming indoors.  

  • Executive

    Our Executive socks are lightweight and keep your feet fresh all day by being very breathable. The Executive has a flex fit on instep and heel. The ankle, Achilles and arch support provide outstanding comfort when wearing the socks. These excellent socks look phenomenal under a variety of clothing. Available with or without your own logo.

  • Mammoet Allround

    The Mammoet Allround sock is anatomically shaped to provide support for the foot and leg. This ESD sock has a anatomical shaped toe and comfortable seam. With an extra-soft section at the ankle and heel, and Flex Fit on instep and heel for a smooth transition from leg to foot. Antibacterial fibers keep unpleasant smells at bay. The Mammoet Allround is a calf-length sock and can also be worn with the Bolster and the Barge.

  • All seasons cotton

    The natural fibers in the Bata Industrials All Seasons will always offer the most comfort to your feet. The wool has a uniform temperature to the skin, holds 30% moisture without feeling wet and is elastic and dirt resistant by nature. Special zones in every All Seasons sock guarantee perfect fit and comfort. Your feet are safe and protected, supported in the right areas and perfectly comfortable. We have developed socks that have extra protection zones all over the sock, to protect your feet and prevent injuries. The separate zones can be seen on the extra image. The comfort board is super elastic; to make sure it is not too tight on your leg. The leg support is created by giving the sock extra strength; this helps to keep your leg in the right position. The ankle protection is created by having extra thickness inside the sock; this helps to prevent injuries like blisters by keeping the ankle from scraping across the inside of the shoe. The Achilles protection is a zone which is extra flexible, but still strong; to protect the Achilles from any injuries. The heel protection is antibacterial, to improve the health of your feet. This fabric is also extra thick to protect the heel area from injuries. The arch area is designed especially to create extra support for the feet. In this area, the fabric is a bit tighter than in the rest of the sock, like the fabric in the Achilles protection. The Flex fit is designed with thinner and more flexible yarn; this prevents the sock from crumpling which creates more comfort.

A large part of our safety shoes are developed and produced in Best in Noord-Brabant. Our investments in robotics, Research & Development and advanced technologies are bearing fruit. Founded in the Czech Republic in 1894, Bata was one of the first manufacturers to sell its products all over the world.