We’ve upgraded the Bata Enduro collection with top-tier ergonomics, mirroring your foot’s natural movements for optimal performance. Our goal is to perfect precision in foot placement, energy return, and stability. With our Walkline* technology our shoes prioritize maximum comfort, promoting well-being while minimizing potential issues. Incorporating techniques such as the Easy Rolling System®, Tunnel System®, and Heel Lock Support® drive our Walkline® technology to the next level of 3.0.


To replicate your natural walking stride, we’ve split the outsole into sections. In this latest version of our exclusive Walkline® concept, the outsole is crafted to match the anatomical gait of your walk. By syncing with your foot’s natural movement, we not only reduce sole resistance but, more importantly, you’ll encounter fewer foot-related problems with the Walkline ® 3.0.


The upgraded Tunnel System ® in the new models enhances ground contact and significantly improves slip resistance. This feature enables you to handle sudden impacts throughout your entire walking gait effectively. Thanks to the Tunnel System ®, the shoe’s heel quickly returns to its original shape as soon as you lift your foot, subtly improving the gait cycle by boosting energy return. It also assists in automatically placing your foot, reducing pressure on your plantar arch.


Experience a smooth transition from heel to toe with our Easy Rolling System®. This system synergizes perfectly with the energy-returning Tunnel System® and is featuring a rounder heel and raised front for optimal support. The rounded heel ensures proper foot unrolling and reduces slipping with its larger surface area. Because of the higher toe spring, minimal bending of your shoe is required to complete the walking line. Thanks to the raised front sole, you’ll conserve energy with its higher toe spring. This design also alleviates pressure on your forefoot, just behind the toe cap.


Say farewell to friction and blisters with this innovative feature. Our Heel Lock System® guarantees your heel and foot remain firmly in place within the shoe. The heel lock is further enhanced by optimizing the angle of lacing tension across the entire instep. Feel the added stability as the system provides extra support to our Walkline® concept, enhancing stability and safeguarding your heel and midfoot from potential issues.

Plus, step confidently knowing the Bata Enduro is equipped with a steel and composite anti-penetration insert*, protecting you from sharp objects while supporting your natural foot gait and stabilizing your midfoot.

Meet the new Bata Enduro collection:
Progress made by never changing our principles


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