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The human body can be very effective in absorbing shocks when jumping, running or and even walking, however injuries can still occur through impact loading to the foot. Such injuries could often be mitigated by the provision of a shock absorption capability within footwear.

A number of health problems have been linked to one-off shock loading or repeated shock loading. These include lower back pain, joint disorders and heel bone fractures. Some conditions associated with poor health and advancing age can make the wearer more susceptible to the effects of impact loads when walking or running. For everyday footwear, shock absorbance within the heel construction can be a benefit to the user. Sports footwear and other high performance footwear (for example, for a military application) pose additional challenges for managing impact loading. Different sports place varying demands on footwear. This requires a consideration of the degree of shock absorbency to be provided, as well as its location within the footwear.

For all these types of footwear, being able to conduct a repeatable mechanized test to determine shock absorption capability provides a valuable contribution to product design, product verification or assurance of consistent quality. Static compression tests have been used to assess shock absorption, such as described in EN ISO 20344 for safety footwear.

Below you can see all the Bata Industrials safety shoes which offer shock absorption.

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